Daily Affirmations

Happy Affirmations for a Happy Life!

Abundance Affirmations

Using these affirmations for abundance and prosperity can assist you in bringing wealth and good fortune into your life through various channels and in many different forms.

The Million Dollar Experiment

I found the million dollar experiment website strictly by chance and it seems like it would make a great experiment for those who could use an extra million dollars in their lives.

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Creating Your Own Affirmations – Part II

After you’ve taken the time to determine what you don’t want to have in your life and finding its opposite, then you need to move on to the next step – actually forming it into an affirmation. Read more →

Creating Your Own Affirmations – Part I

Affirmations are about changing limiting beliefs and allowing more positive energies into your life.

Using the affirmations that have been crafted by others can be very beneficial to allowing this, but sometimes creating your own affirmations that are closer to your own heart can yield greater results for you personally. This goes back to choosing your affirmations wisely. Read more →

Choose Your Affirmations Wisely

Affirmations come in many shapes and forms. Some are quite long and some are very short, however, affirmations aren’t ‘one size fits all’.

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Declare Your Financial Independence Affirmation

Everybody would like to be financially independent, and this can mean different things to different people. For some it can mean owning nice things and for others it can be simply be having more flexibility in their working day.

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