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Creating Your Own Affirmations – Part II

After you’ve taken the time to determine what you don’t want to have in your life and finding its opposite, then you need to move on to the next step – actually forming it into an affirmation.

Let’s look at the components of an effective affirmation:

  • The overall tone of the affirmation should be positive.
  • The length of the affirmation should be comfortable for you and it should be easy for you to repeat it and remember it
  • The affirmation itself should stretch your belief system. It shouldn’t be totally unbelievable to you, but it should enough so to cause a little tension which will cause your mind to expand.

Using the same example from the previous entry, we’ve determined that we don’t want to be in debt anymore (the opposite of debt is wealthy), how do we turn this into something positive?

Some things to bear in mind is limiting your use of the words ‘not, don’t, can’t, won’t, etc.’ (basically words that negate).

So, we could start with something like:

I am wealthy.

So far so good – we’re using present tense and it doesn’t contain any negation, and depending on how wealthy you feel, it may be enough to push your belief system.

But, you can be extremely wealthy and have expenses to match the wealth you’ve accumulated, so it’s a good idea to think on a deeper level:

I am financially independent.

When you are financially independent, it’s saying that you have more than enough money to cover and all expenses.

Something to ponder until the next issue of the ‘Creating Your Own Affirmations’ mini-series.

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