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Clumsiness Affirmation

We’ve all been there at one time or another, when our feet simply don’t seem to work or things around us just seem to break for no apparent reason. Sometimes this happens more to some than others, but regardless of which category you fall into, this short affirmation should help.

I pay attention to everything around me and I am careful and deliberate with each of my movements. I am graceful and mindful.

This affirmation can be said at any time throughout the day when you feel it’s necessary. For the best effect, make sure to repeat it at least 3 times and, of course, feel free to modify the affirmation to suit your personal needs.

2 thoughts on “Clumsiness Affirmation

  1. Brian says:

    As a medical caregiver, I am thankful for your great affirmation here. Thank you for the great reminder, and concise thoughts.

  2. Alma Powell says:

    i am a mother of 5 and there are many moments where i feel things dont go right ,thank you for this affirmation, and thank you for helping me have more positive thoughts.

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