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Happy Affirmations for a Happy Life!

Setting New Year Goals

The new year has started with a wonderful bang and I’m sure it’s been heard around the world! To make this your best year to date, make sure you lay down some goals and know that you’ll achieve those goals.

First thing you’ll want to do is relax. When your mind is relaxed, the ideas can flow easily. Grab a pen and paper and as the ideas come to you, write them down. It doesn’t matte what the idea is right now, just get it all out on paper. Then go through and decide on what truly matters to you. Decide what you truly want to do and organize it. Finally, post it somewhere you’ll see it daily (multiple times per day if possible).

You’ve just taken your first steps to creating your best year to date. Now, here’s an affirmation to help reinforce it.

I achieve my goal with joy, ease, and peace. As I look upon my words, I know that the world is shifting to bring forth everything on my list. I now see opportunities, I now have ideas, and I now have the means to accomplish everything I desire and it feels wonderful.

(Remember to feel wonderful while you work with this affirmation!) :)

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