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Mind Over Matter Affirmation

Sometimes it?Äôs easy to forget how powerful the mind can be. When facing¬?a crisis or in the midst of a stressful situation that seems won?Äôt resolve itself. But, this should serve as your reminder: your mind and emotions are the most powerful tools you have ?Äî use them wisely.

Each day, upon waking, take some time to remind yourself of this amazing tool with today?Äôs affirmation:

My mind is powerful. It is an amazing tool that I can use to better my body, my spirit, and my life. Each day, I use this powerful tool wisely.

As always, feel free to modify this affirmation so that it feels comfortable to you. Also, try to say this affirmation while looking yourself in the mirror to get¬?some extra oomph.

2 thoughts on “Mind Over Matter Affirmation

  1. Jan says:

    Yes, yes, yes the mind is powerful. I have been a member of a group on peertrainer.com. All the members have read The Secret. A few of us have been posting affirmations and visualizations in the Community link. My writing has helped to put me in a positive frame of mind about weight, wealth, peace, harmony and love.

    Interestingly, I had an immature coworker who was not a good fit for our department. I wrote some affirmations pertaining to the situation. Mostly it was affirmations about my own attitude e.g. I am loving and harmonious etc. Well the young lady just suddenly got a new job elsewhere and hopefully she is a good fit there. Now I’ve been writing a new set of affirmations such as I welcome a new coworker who is a perfect fit for the department.

    I wrote an affirmation that I want to own a duplex in a good location and built with concrete and with reliable tenants. Someone called me last week, she is selling her duplex with brick exterior in a very good location with reliable tenants.

  2. Rich says:

    I love this statement, it clearly dipicts and attitude I play touch and go with. I know someday I will be able to hold onto that attitude longer than I have in the past. I’m recovering from a cold, that’s todays challenge!

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