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Affirmations Can Be A Great Example of Mind Over Matter

The reason why affirmations work so well is because affirmations are a way to change your core belief system for the better. Essentially, what you believe is what you will achieve.

Sometimes it can be very hard to overcome the negative thoughts we have about ourselves, our lives, even our own desires.

By repeating positive affirmations each day, over and over again, we can subsconsciously train our minds to believe what we are saying. Once our belief system changes about a situation, the situation itself will also change.

To some people this may seem like magic, but it’s not — it’s a perfect display of mind over matter. When you find the affirmation that suits you best (and yes, feel free to mix and match), don’t forget to repeat it to yourself often.

4 thoughts on “Affirmations Can Be A Great Example of Mind Over Matter

  1. Charles S. says:

    This really is what I’ve been searching all day. I should have found your posting faster.

  2. Danielle says:

    Thank you for these affirmations, they are short, easy to remember and very spiritual.

  3. noele says:

    love it love it love it I have been searching for GOOD well written affirmations for quite some time, and this web site has it all thank you I will be also telling everyone about this site.

  4. Chris says:

    Also as above great site simple and helpful thanks, trying to be more psoitive and make some changes in my life thansk for the help.

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