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An Affirmation for Keeping Energy High

Sometimes our energy wanes as the days or months or years go on. Low energy means we are less able to deal with the stresses that may cross us or less able to create the life we truly deserve.

When you feel that your energy is getting low, it’s time to re-focus and bring it up a notch.

I am perfect as I am now. My energy grows and continues to grow more and more positive each day. I know and trust this.

As with all the affirmations here, be sure to use it if it feels comfortable to you or modify it if it doesn’t. The goal is to make sure it’s positive and that its intent is to help you increase your reservoir of positive energy.

3 thoughts on “An Affirmation for Keeping Energy High

  1. sr kinra says:

    this affirmation is amazing. works always. invaluable.

  2. Wonderful sr kinra! I’m glad to hear this affirmation works for you and may it continue to bring you plenty of energy.

  3. Jenn says:

    I keep this page open in my browser at all times so that an affirmation is always on hand should I begin feeling stressed or tired. Works amazingly! Thank You!

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