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An Affirmation to Build Self Esteem

Almost anything can bring down a person’s self esteem, however, self esteem that is not properly nurtured in childhood is far more fragile that the temporary blow a set back to one’s self esteem in the moment. If you feel that your self esteem never had a chance to blossom into what it truly should be right now, this affirmation is designed to help you build it up.

I love and accept myself. I understand and accept that my imperfection makes me perfect. Therefore, I am perfect exactly as I am and will remain perfect as I learn and grow.

It may be difficult to agree with these words, especially if you’re used to self abasement. But, don’t you think it’s just about time for that chapter in your life to finish up so you can move on to the next?

One thought on “An Affirmation to Build Self Esteem

  1. Arlis says:

    For me, meditation helps, and when I can’t sit still, a walk and tai chi really calms the mind and puts me in a balanced flow of energy. Also, my appreciation journal is magical! That always bring about an incredible shift.

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