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An Affirmation for Enchanting Relationships

Believe it or not, you are the other party to a vast number of relationships in your life. Colleagues, children, siblings, parents, spouse, friends–the list may seem never ending. So, it begs to reason, how does one manage all of these relationships? How does one remain balanced when being pulled in seemingly infinite directions? Simple, with a quick and calming affirmations designed specifically for helping to manage the relationships we have to deal with each day.

I am patient, loving, caring, and understanding. I am surrounded by patient, loving, caring, and understanding individuals. In all situations, I remain balanced. I am balanced and as a result, my relationships are balanced.

Whenever you feel the stress levels rising, say this short affirmation a few times to bring you back to center. You may even be surprised to see how differently people begin to treat you (for the better).

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