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An Affirmation for Workplace Bliss

Bosses can be cold and calloused. Coworkers can be slovenly and condescending. Basically, the workplace can be a place of constant stress and heartache. If you find yourself disliking everything about your workplace, try this affirmation each evening before going to bed and each morning that you wake up.

I enjoy the work I do and I have an opportunity to work some great people. The people I work with and pleasant and helpful. I get along splendidly with all of the people I work with and we all work towards the same end.

The goal of this affirmation is to get you to shift your own personal attitude towards work. When that shift happens, people are bound to take notice and begin treating you differently as well–for the better.

Of course, as with all of the affirmations on this site, please modify it to suit your own personal needs. Mold it until it feels good to you.

2 thoughts on “An Affirmation for Workplace Bliss

  1. Valerie says:

    I never receive any positive comments from my manager, even though I always try to give 110% to the customers and other personnel. I like the affirmation idea…any other suggestions???

    Thanks and have a wonderful sunny day!

  2. Roxanne says:

    With all the negative around us sometimes, we can only try to be patient and share our positive perspective. It will make our day go by faster and less stressful.
    Rememeber: A smile can go a long way! ;-)

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