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More Time With Friends And Family Affirmation

I think this is something so many people strive for, but fear there isn’t enough time to do it all – work, support the family, rest, so forth.

We understand that life is short and if we are not careful, the most precious moments will slip by silently and before we know it, our hearts are filled with regrets.

That doesn’t have to happen. You can balance your time and energy and enjoy those precious moments of your life.

Spend more time with friends and family affirmation:

I spend amazing quality time with my loved ones everyday.

Remember, affirmations are personal, so feel free to alter the affirmation to suit your personal goals. Remember, keep it present tense (i.e. try not to use “I will…” or “I am going to…”) and keep it positive (avoid words like “not”, “don’t”, etc.).

One thought on “More Time With Friends And Family Affirmation

  1. taylor says:

    i think this will help alot of families.

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