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An Affirmation To Quit Drinking

All things in moderation. Sometimes it seems difficult to moderate our drinking habits and we find ourselves staring at the bottom of an empty glass bleary eyed and clueless.

Allow things will be different. You have to first decide you want to moderate your drinking.

Once you’ve made your decision, then you can use an affirmation to help reinforce your decision.

I only drink alcohol in moderation. I choose to be healthy and feel good. I understand that my body is a temple and I choose to honour that by making healthy choices.

2 thoughts on “An Affirmation To Quit Drinking

  1. keith says:

    hi i am an alchoclic right now i am full to ears and i do not like the feeling i realise that i need some serious help please tell me what to do help me

  2. Sharon Ward says:

    i am a alcholic been in rehab came did well for some time now i have put weight on due to drinking and want to stop i think i can do it on my own i am helping others and not myself

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