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Affirmation for Healthy Eating

In this fast paced world, maintaining a healthy diet in general can be difficult. Especially with fast food restaurants on every corner beckoning us to come in and have a cheeseburger. Well, this affirmation is designed to help you make healthier choices at home and on the road.

My body is amazing and I love my body. In order to show the deep love and respect for my body, I choose to eat healthy foods. Each moment I decide to eat or drink something, I am conscious of the impact it will have on my overall health and I make healthy choices.

As with all of the affirmations here, please feel free to modify it to suit your personal needs if it doesn’t immediately resonate with you.

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  1. Paulina Galves says:

    Very interesting blog post thank you for sharing I just added your blog to my favorites and will check back.

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