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An Affirmation To Quit Smoking

Smoking, an unhealthy habit. Smoking can deter social interaction, can cause premature aging, and cause an unnatural odor.

It’s no wonder so many people decide they want to quit smoking and why it made the top 10 list of new year resolutions.

The good news is that you can quit smoking. Though cigarettes are addictive, you can choose health.

With that, here is an affirmation to help:

I am healthy and happy and I choose to partake in healthy habits only. I choose health.

One thought on “An Affirmation To Quit Smoking

  1. Jose Ceda says:

    Reading this reminds me of my late room mate. That guy was one of the smartest human beings I know, but he was a little too original for my tastes though. Anyways I appreciated reading this, thanks. Will give me something to argue about when I see him.

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